Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Night Sky

"Night Sky"

The Yella Collection

Acrylic on Canvas

Details to come

24X36 inches, ¾ inch thick, studio sized.

Acrylic on Canvas. Signed by artist on back.

Unframed work.

The dark parts of the Moon's surface were called maria or seas, and the light parts were called terrae or continents. The terrae are represented in this painting by glass shards taken from a mirror in order to reflect the owner onto the Moon’s surface. The maria are the deep thoughts within a person that cannot be seen from the surface—therefore the mirrors have been removed. There are no stars in this sky, no shiny and distracting objects to take away focus on yourself, on your moon. The branches extended towards you representing the earth reaching up to you, longing for your reflection of light.

Currently on display in Schwartzman home

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